Training in Concentration Silent Retreat Program

Livestream & In-Person

In Advice from Atisha's Heart it says:
Since this human life is wasted by indulging in distractions, now is the time to practice concentration.

We all know that concentration is a very useful skill. And if we check in with ourselves, we know we can probably improve our concentration. 

This retreat is designed to provide ideal conditions to improve the power of your concentration.

This retreat program has three parts.

  1. Thursday, May 5: Introductory Talk
  2. May 6 - May 26: At-Home training period on your object of meditation
  3. Friday, May 27 - Monday, May 30: Actual Silent Retreat


  • If it is your first TCP retreat, attending the introductory talk is a prerequisite
  • At-home training requires you to meditate on your chosen object of meditation at least once per day
  • The actual silent retreat is a group meditation retreat with mostly unguided sessions.


Kadampa Meditation Center LA
4953 Franklin Ave Los Angeles, CA 
Free street parking is available

COVID Protocol

Masks are optional
Moderate spacing between seats
Air purifiers + Fresh airflow

During retreat, those participating help to create a safe and focused space where everyone can dive more deeply into their meditative practice. We are a service oriented community, so please do inquire about helping during the retreat. Learn more
Livestream Info
  • These retreat sessions are available livestream
  • Register to receive the class link
Kadampa Meditation Center LA

4953 Franklin Ave.

Getting to the Center

Getting to the Center is simple. We're on the corner of Franklin Ave and Kenmore in the neighborhood of Los Feliz. Street parking is available in the surrounding neighborhoods, usually within a block or two of the Center's front door.