Temporary redirect for Sunday's Mental Health video replay

Today's class Mental Health: A Buddhist Perspecitive streamed live with great success. However due to a technical error, the replay functionality for the 04-24-22 class on Mental Health is currently unavailable.

For this reason, we are temporarily offering this replay video called Heal Anxiety, Letting Go with Gen Rigpa from Letting for of Anxiety in September of 2021.

We have prepared a written summary for 04-24-22 Mental Health class premiere for your benefit. If you would like to recieve a written summary of today's class please contact [email protected]

Again we are very sorry for any difficulty this may cause.


Kadampa Meditation Center LA
4953 Franklin Ave Los Angeles, CA 
Free street parking is available

COVID Protocol
  • Masks required indoors
  • Moderate spacing between seats in meditation room
  • Air purifiers + HVAC filtration + fresh air flow
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Livestream Info
  • This class is available livestream
  • Register to receive the class link
  • 48 hour video replay is available five minutes after the class ends