Purify Your Mind, Yourself, And Your World: Vajrasattva Purification Retreat

Teaching & Optional Guided Retreat
Saturday, January 22

The reason we suffer is because we have negative karma; and negative karma can be purified!! Buddha taught many different methods for cleaning our mind, and the practice of relying upon the Purification Buddha, Vajrasattva, and the four opponent powers, is an ancient, powerful method for completely purifying our consciousness at the deepest level.

Session Times
10-11:15pm Karma, Purification and Meditation
11:45-1pm How to Engage in Vajrasattva Purification Retreat
2-3:30pm Guided Session #1 
4:15-5:45pm Guided Session #2


Kadampa Meditation Center LA
4953 Franklin Ave Los Angeles, CA 
Free street parking is available

COVID Protocol

Mask are requried to attend class
Moderate spacing between seats
Air purifiers + Fresh airflow
Masks Optional Outside

During retreat, those participating help to create a safe and focused space where everyone can dive more deeply into their meditative practice. We are a service oriented community, so please do inquire about helping during the retreat. Learn more
Livestream Info
  • These retreat sessions are available livestream
  • Register to receive the class link
  • 48 hour video replay is available for the retreat sessions five minutes after each respective session
Kadampa Meditation Center LA

4953 Franklin Ave.

Getting to the Center

Getting to the Center is simple. We're on the corner of Franklin Ave and Kenmore in the neighborhood of Los Feliz. Street parking is available in the surrounding neighborhoods, usually within a block or two of the Center's front door.

About Our Community

Everyone is welcome

Community is important to us. The way of being at the Center exemplifies how Kadampa Buddhist practices and modern life go hand in hand. We integrate the teachings we receive into the activities and dialogue that make up our Center life. It feels simple, harmonious and easy to enjoy your inner and outer environment.

Our Founder and Spiritual Teacher Geshe Kelsang Gyatso often says, "everyone welcome!" Yes, everyone is welcome to join the Center, its classes, events and practices regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender and so on. We know that everyone benefits from Buddha's teachings and we're delighted to have our doors open to help make that happen.

Did you know that all our classes and events are run by a volunteer team of 60+?! Check out the video below: