Letting Go Looking Ahead with Gen TenzinJanuary 1


Letting Go, Looking Ahead
Meditation and Talk with Buddhist Monk
Saturday, January 1, 12:00-1:15pm



Letting Go, Looking Ahead | Special New Year’s Day Event
Meditation and Talk with Gen Tenzin
Saturday, January 1, 12:00-1:15pm
2021 was a year to remember… or forget! How can we process and let go of the events of the past year while casting our gaze forward to the year ahead in a way that is both realistic and optimistic?
In this New Year’s Day talk, we reflect with wisdom on our experiences of the past, while setting our intention and spiritual resolutions for the year ahead. An excellent way to begin the new year with hope and an eye on living a more purposeful life in 2022.
This talk also launches the 2022 Meditation Challenge!