AUDIO RECORDING 04-24-2022 Sun AM Class: Mental Health: A Buddhist Perspective: Series Premiere


Sun AM Class: – Series Premiere – Mental Health: A Buddhist Perspective: Wk 1 of 9

Sunday, April 24, 2022 class

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Class Title: Series Premiere – “Heal Anxiety Pt 1”

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Series Description: Many people are reeling from the various stressors of modern life: the pandemic and all of its downstream effects, social unrest, economic uncertainty, and a general lack of direction and lack of purpose in life.This is a perfect storm for a mental health crisis, which we can see unfolding before our eyes in families and communities.

In this course we will explore how to not only cope with, but use these conditions as an opportunity for introspection and transformation. Learn the basics of Buddhist meditation and psychology, and gain practical experience of tools that you can use to:

  • Develop peace within your own mind
  • Gain insight into how your mind works
  • Become a better, happier version of yourself