Never Give Up

Saturday, April 9
Teachings & Meditations with Gen Lekma
*Livestream Only*


Having a spiritual practice is a life-long journey of discovery. You need a long-term goal as you slowly change the way you relate to yourself and the world around you. Developing the capacity to become extraordinary, a completely pure being, however, isn’t without its challenges. We all need to learn how to never give up.

In this course, Gen Lekma will explain how to oppose the minds of doubt, discouragement and lack of confidence. Using the wisdom of Shantideva you will learn how to develop energy, enthusiasm and the wisdom that can keep you moving towards your spiritual goals in this life – and never give up.

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome doubt, lack of confidence & discouragement
  • Develop the inner strength to keep going when things are tough
  • Have the tenacity to believe in your potential


  • This retreat is livestream only.
  • Each session is guided and will include some teaching on the topic and some guided meditation.
  • Sessions are available for replay up to 72 hours

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Teacher Bio

Gen Kelsang Lekma is Buddhist nun with nearly 30 years of teaching and meditation experience who has taught in the UK and the US for much of this time. As a close disciple of the founder of our tradition, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, she is a very popular teacher and her clear, lighthearted and often entertaining talks express the path of wisdom and meditation in a way that most people of the modern world can relate to. She's greatly cherished by her students for her warm, light and wise example.

Gen Lekma teaches at Kadampa Meditation Center Southampton in Southampton, UK

Livestream Info
  • These retreat sessions are available livestream
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  • 72 hour video replay is available for the retreat sessions