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2024 Meditation Challenge

Make 2024 a meaningful year through the power of your spiritual practice

The Meditation Challenge 2024
January 1 - 12, 2024

Meditation is a powerful, life-changing practice that gives your life purpose and happiness. To help you start off 2024 in a positive, meaningful, and personally transformative way, we invite you to take The Meditation Challenge.

What is the challenge? Attend a meditation class on ten out of twelve days to begin 2024!! 

Engaging in guided meditation with like-minded people in the positive, encouraging, supportive environment of KMC LA is the perfect way to kickstart your mind, and thereby your daily happiness, in the new year. Participants will be given a card with 10 dates. Each day you attend a class, your card is stamped. If you attend class 10 out of the 12 days during the Challenge Period, you have successfully completed the The Meditation Challenge, and 2024 will be off to a meaningful start!   

The prize for completing the challenge is that for the rest of January 2024, you will be able to attend any of the meditation classes for free. (excludes workshops and retreats).

Each class will be taught by senior teachers from KMC LA, emphasizing how to integrate Buddha's teachings into your life. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to develop and strengthen authentic love and compassion and to transform all our daily situations into opportunities for spiritual growth.

Sessions will include guided meditations and teachings based on the book “New 8 Steps to Happiness” by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.  This incredible text explains step by step, how to deepen our happiness and peace from within.  Each session we will understand and meditate on one of the essential steps.

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Tuesday, January 2, 7-8pm
The Buddhist Way of Loving kindness 

Wednesday, January 3, 7-8pm
The Practice of Love in Daily Life

Thursday, January 4,  7-8pm
What Gets In the Way of Love?

Friday, January 5, 7-8pm
Heal Relationships with Empathy

Sunday, Jan 7, 11:15 - 12:30pm
Develop a Heart of Compassion 

Monday, January 8, 7:30-9pm
Love is the Answer 

Tuesday, January 9, 7-8pm
Patience is a Virtue 

Wednesday, January 10, 7-8pm
The Practice of Taking & Giving 

Thursday, January 11, 7-8pm
The Supreme Good Heart 

Friday, January 12, 7-8pm
The True Nature of Reality 

Pricing: $50 (includes punch card)
Pricing for Individual classes ($10 per class excluding Monday night and Sunday morning Meditation classes)
(Members cannot participate in the challenge itself but can join the classes as they are included in their membership)


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Kadampa Meditation Center LA

4953 Franklin Ave Los Angeles, CA 
Free street parking is available

About the Center

Getting to the Center is simple. We're on the corner of Franklin Ave and Kenmore in the neighborhood of Los Feliz. Street parking is available in the surrounding neighborhoods, usually within a block or two of the Center's front door.

Originally a church built in 1937, KMC Los Angeles offers prime visibility on a busy east-west thoroughfare in a popular, trendy section of LA. The Meditation Hall features 25-foot high, vaulted, original wood ceilings, stained glass and seating for 250 people, including a balcony area. There is a small house on the property with three residents, and the second floor of the Temple, behind the balcony, is currently being renovated to accommodate four more residents.

KMC Los Angeles is located in a beautiful, dynamic neighborhood, walking distance from cafes and coffee shops, hiking distance from Griffith Park Observatory, and a short drive to iconic beaches, scenic hikes and the famed Hollywood Boulevard.

About Our Community

Attending class, chatting in the courtyard or even trying a volunteer role are great ways to experience the benefits of a service oriented community.

Community is important to us. The way of being at the Center exemplifies how Kadampa Buddhist practices and modern life go hand in hand. We integrate the teachings we receive into the activities and dialogue that make up our Center life. It feels simple, harmonious and easy to enjoy your inner and outer environment.

Our Founder and Spiritual Teacher Geshe Kelsang Gyatso often says, "everyone welcome!" Yes, everyone is welcome to join the Center, its classes, events and practices regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender and so on. We know that everyone benefits from Buddha's teachings and we're delighted to have our doors open to help make that happen.

Did you know that all our classes and events are run by a volunteer team of 60+?!

Video Replays

48 hr video replay
Available five minutes after event ends

Masks Required

Moderate spacing between seats
Air purifiers + Fresh airflow

Getting Here

Address: 4953 Franklin Ave.
Neighborhood: Los Feliz
Parking: Street parking

Community Involvement

Moderate spacing between seats
Air purifiers + Fresh air flow